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Male tear feminist geometric earrings golden

Male tear feminist geometric earrings golden

There is a revolution going on and it's so empowering to read about all brave females  standing up for their rights and refusing to be silent.
 You inspired me to make my new collection Male tears.
This collection is a tribute to all women who fearlessly stand up for themselves and others, and to be blunt, a big fuck you to the patriarchy and everything it stands for. In the tides of the #metoo campaigns all over the world there's also been a flood of male tears: "can't we even flirt with women anymore" "not all men" "is it really that bad?" "But he seems to be such a good guy" "wha wha wha"
I imagine you wear these bitter tears as a trophy that you made it so far and with a strong hope that times are changing.
The earrings are made of zinc alloy and the pendants are vintage brass pieces

As usual it´s lead and nickel free.

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